Hello visitors, welcome to my laptopsupp.com. The notebook computer is a small and portable personal computer that intended to be operated by an end user.

I build this site because I hope it will help people like us (fans of this technology), especially for Windows laptop personal computers learn more about this subject.

So, I really hope and welcome anyone to share their thoughts and experience here.

About Me

My fascination towards laptop (especially with Windows operating system) started since I was 15 years old but never had a chance to get one.

I purchased my very first laptop when I started my life as a college student. I also play computer games too like Dota II, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), and Resident Evil.

Throughout the years, I’ve given my utmost best trying to learn and discover new information to improve my skills on this subject. And now I want to give back and I wish this effort will help others.

As the knowledge on this subject still evolves rather rapidly these present days, I will use this opportunity to explore more novel and interesting things by doing research and ideas and suggestions from others.


This site is an online resource center devoted to helps people choosing Windows laptops depending on the information we provide and also sharing tips and tutorials about laptop computer.

LaptopSupp site platform aims to serve as an educational, informative yet simple and user-friendly platform, and also helps to choose a laptop. LaptopSupp.com will try consistently provide updated latest and recent Windows Notebook reviews, issues, and tips.

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