PC Tips

How to Stop Website Push Notification on Google Chrome

Today, Google Chrome is known by many as the favorite and reliable web browser, especially for laptop and desktop computer users. The rapid improvements in [...]

What is a Laptop Lifestyle?

Internet is one of the remarkable things that has ever created in the modern age. It offers to everyone massive information, entertainment, and knowledge for [...]

How to Fix Corrupted Files on Windows 10

Working with your laptop frequently is fun and give you a feeling of productivity. For some reason, it may give you some issues on your system. It may be the [...]

How to Customize your Office 2016

Spending much time with your Windows OS allows you to discover many exciting things on it. Sometimes, you want to change and customize how the programs look so [...]

How to Determine Windows License Type

It doesn't matter what type of computer user you are, but each software which you used to operate to complete your assignment is essential. Today, there are [...]

What is the External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU)

Today, the world's technologies have rapidly evolved, and there are many kinds of gadgets, peripherals, devices, and, others which have been produced by the [...]

What Is Disk Partitioning?

Disk partition divides the capacity of a physical drive such as HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid-State Drive) and makes it into another virtual drive for a [...]

Things to Consider when Buying a Laptop

Sometimes, buying a new personal computer is one of the complicated things for many of us to experience, especially when it's your very first-time personal [...]

How to Take Care of a Laptop

The Laptop computer is a small and portable personal computer, and it is more convenient than a desktop computer for most people today, especially for those [...]

How to Improve Windows OS Performance

How frustrating it can be once you realize your laptop is running slow, especially when your system takes like an hour to perform and complete just a simple [...]
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