How to Change Default Programs On Windows 10

On these days, Microsoft also has its apps store, and integrated apps for the Windows 10 called Windows apps. Each of those apps is meant to help the user to access particulars files and complete specifics task.

Also, once the user completes creating their account and logs into it, the operating system will automatically set-up the default settings and apps for them.

However,  Microsoft is always using their preference as standard uses. So in this article, we’ll walk you through how to set your favorite apps as defaults programs in Windows 10.


Windows 10 Default App of Program

A default app is an app or program which Windows 10 system utilizes whenever you open a specific kind of files (e.g., webpage or link, audio, and video file).

For examples, the system will launch the Groove Music app when opening any audio files as user default music player and Movies & TV app for video files.

However, most of us have a personal preference concerning the use of programs or apps. For examples, apps like Google Chrome, Picasa photo viewer, Mozilla Firefox VLC media player, and Clementine are the apps that many Windows 10 user prefers instead of the recommended programs from Microsoft.


Change Default App or Program on Windows 10

If you have two or more video player programs installed on your laptop computer, you can only choose one of those programs as your default player for watching videos and movies.

So, to change the default program to your special liking app, here are the steps to follow:


  • Press Windows Key+I to open Settings > Apps > Default Apps.


  • Here you’ll see the list of your system default apps for everyday tasks (Mail, Maps, Music Player, Photo Viewer, Video Player, and Web Browser).



  • On the right pane, under the Choose default apps click that default you want to change, and then select your desired app which you’d like to use as of your Windows 10 system default programs.



Also, in case you may interest in trying new apps from Microsoft, you can choose or click on the Look for an app in the Microsoft Store.



Bulk Reset Apps To Windows 10 Default Programs

Sometimes, in some cases you may want to restore all the apps to the original Microsoft defaults, you can do it easily just by resetting them in Settings.

To reset your Windows 10 default programs to Microsoft standard integrated apps:


  • Launch Windows Settings by pressing Windows Key+I > Apps > Default Apps. Scroll down and find the Reset to Microsoft recommended defaults.




Under the Reset to Microsoft recommended defaults, click the Reset button. It will return all the programs to the original built-in system apps (i.e., Mail, Maps, Groove Music, Photos, Movies & TV, and Edge).


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