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Concerning the way of life we live today, computer technology has become a part of our everyday life whether you realize it or not.

As for the best example, look at our Educational system on how technologies are used on researching information.

Not only for information research but there are many online learning courses has been provided today, business, industry, and many others. So, sometimes it is important for us to learn about this technology (even a little).


Technical Terms

In my humble and honest opinion, in order to efficiently understand a particular subject which related to the computer or information technology you need to understand the technical terms first.

So, on this site, we also try to cover as many computer terms as we can altogether with its definition. In addition, we will also try to simplify the explanation of all those terms as possible as we can.

And, we will constantly update the terms and definitions by adding more terms in time to time. So hopefully, it may help users able to understand more of scientific computer terms in order to increase their familiarity on this subject.

Okay then, let’s begin with some simple computer terms and definitions. DeviceComputer, & Laptop


A device is an object, mechanical or electronic equipment, or a machine has been designed for a specific purpose and reason. For example a computer, smartphone, computer storage etc.

Especially, in the context of computer technology, a device is a computer part or component whether it’s internal or external.

Generally, it includes computer storage such as SDD and HDD, optical disk drive, monitors, mouses, keyboards, printers, speaker and so on. These devices are capable of producing input and output information for a user to operate or use it.

In the laptop world, most of these devices has been upgraded into a small part and more physically integrated with the other component hardware of laptop computers such as a motherboard and processor.



A computer is a programmable electronic device or a machine which is design to receive, process, and manipulate digital information for a specific reason and display the results of the operation.

It’s based on the instruction that has been Program on how the data to be processed through the hardware and software.

So to put it briefly, it is designed to deal with applications and resulting in a variation of explanation and problem solving which is through the combined hardware and component and software.

Today, this term is regularly used to indicate the desktop and laptop computer. However, when it comes to desktop model most people referring computer term as a whole (this is included mouses, keyboard, monitor, and so on).

And yes, it’s still agreeable but if you want to be more specific in this case, actually computer is the box called system unit (also known as tower or chassis) which contains a processor, RAM, hard disk drive etc.



A laptop is a type of computer that designed for portability, you can carry and take it with you then use in different surroundings other than your home.

So, all laptops have the battery (for using it without being plugged into a power outlet) alongside with AC power adapter (for recharge the battery).

A laptop comes as a whole with an integrated flat-screen, keyboard, touchpad or trackpad (which control the pointer on the screen), and several ports for connectivity.

The L-shape design allows the screen to be lowered and closed for on the go purpose. This machine commonly cost more than desktop computer even with the same performance because of the design and compile.


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