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Terms & Definitions

Concerning the way of life we live today, computer technology has become a part of our everyday life whether you realize it or not.

As for the best example, look at our Educational system on how technologies used in researching information.

Not only for information research, but there are many online learning courses has been provided today, business, industry, and many others. So, sometimes we need to learn about this technology even a little.


Technical Terms

From a personal viewpoint, to efficiently understand a particular subject related to the computer or information technology, you need to understand the technical terms first.

So, on this site, we also try to cover as many computer terms as we can altogether with its definition. Besides, we’ll also try to simplify the explanation of all those terms as possible as we can.

And, we will continuously update the terms and definitions by adding more words from time to time. So hopefully, it may help users able to understand more of scientific computer terms to increase their familiarity with this subject.

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